Being healthy and fit is nowadays a cultural necessity. Health and fitness industry, in an attempt to meet our expectations, bombards us with new „miraculous” diet supplements which, according to their manufacturers, can do almost anything.

Some strengthen muscles, others guarantee extra energy. There are those that are supposed to endow us with remarkable constitution or those that lure us with a promise of achieving a bodybuilder’s physique in a short period of time. Our consciousness is influenced by multicoloured packaging, distinct fonts and testimonies of real athletes, whose results are difficult to replicate in everyday active life.


In order to create the best conditions for physical development we should try and go back to the methods of old – natural supplements.

Chlorella is one of such products; a microscopic freshwater algae, dark green in colour and counted among super-foods. What makes it different from ordinary supplements available on the market is its 100% natural origin, electrifying effects and richness of valuable minerals, vitamins and amino acids.




Chlorella also referred to as a super alga, armed in nutrients, supports our organism, provides energy and is very effective at nourishing muscles. This single-cell, microscopic algae removes toxins and free radicals from our body, naturally deacidifies it and helps us to maintain a slim figure.
Next to unsaturated fatty acids, peptides, amino acids, glycoproteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it also contains the highest concentration of chlorophyll of all living organisms. It is five times as much as wheat, twelve times as much as barley and almost ten times more than alfalfa. Chlorophyll fortifies the immune system, as well as stimulates and differentiates the production of white blood cells.



In sport, the results are the most important. To obtain the best results the body of an athlete has to be in a perfect shape and condition. Rigorous diets and diversified training regimes do not always provide the required balance of nutrients, which is why it is good to think about appropriate supplementation – one that will be a necessary complementation of your everyday diet.
Chlorella is the most popular type of algae in nutrition and supplementation. It significantly influences the functioning of the nervous system and improves our mood. Its complex composition allows it to regulate basis processes in our body and has no side effects if used according to the doctor’s or dietitian’s prescription.
In this context, Chlorella appears to be a natural and obvious choice of supplement for every athlete’s diet. It detoxes the organism, allowing it to achieve 100% capacity. Rich in chlorophyll, iron and B-group vitamins it facilitates the production of red blood cells and boosts the organism.

Chlorella has a broad amino acid profile including so-called amino acids BCAA which are a part of proteins that build muscles – says Mirosław Wójcik, a dietitian collaborating with Purella Food. Chlorella also contains a unique ingredient called a growth factor, rich in nucleic acids, which are essential in the process of development and functioning of organs, cell repair, regeneration and division.


When we decide to lead a healthy lifestyle we devote a lot of strength and energy to balance our meals, eat regularly and rationally, and to train at the gym for many hours. The results of our efforts are unfortunately limited due to constant exposure to pollution. This is a malady of modern civilisation, and whether we want it or not, we absorb many harmful substances into our bodies every day. It is a burden on our organism and it reduces its capabilities.
Chlorella spurs the natural bodily processes in a natural way, without chemicals and artificial stimulants. Just 3 g of Chlorella a day regularly cleanses the organism and provides it with hygienic conditions for development.


Purella Food means natural food products of the highest quality from certified and carefully selected sources.